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The time I fell in love with a chair.

Here’s a my experience/love story at the Elephant Country Homestay.

Picture this. I’ve just had lunch. I’ve eaten to my belly’s desire. More portions than I usually take. I can’t help it. The food was delicious. The setting added that extra joie de vivre. The sun had smiled softly upon me with the breeze caressing my cheeks as I chewed. You can’t help but grin shamelessly with every gulp, as the cook looks into your eyes, eager to serve you more. But I digress.

I made my way back to the cottage as I stretched after my delightful meal. The oohs and aahs of my body echoing atop the hill that the homestay rests upon. Each step to the cottage met with crinkles and crackles of the leaves underneath my sandals. As I reach the entrance of my soon to be napping abode, I spot a bright blue lounge chair calling for me, “Kishore, Kishore my love, come sit on my blue body”.

Next thing I know, an hour has passed as I lay atop my blue lover, staring into the even brighter blue sky. Clouds racing against each other as they pass by my eyes. I see through the trees who so graciously give me little peeks to the heavens above as they sway from side to side. The breeze ever present. Ever caressing my dimple creased cheeks.

You can’t help but feel euphoric bearing witness to all this beauty. There isn’t enough weed or booze in the world that could’ve made me cry in happiness like I did in that soul soothing sober moment of my life. To blink would do injustice to the world you’re missing out on. Every second being more valuable than the last.

My oh my. It was intense to say the least.

I remember whispering to myself as the tears dried, “Thank you Universe for giving me this moment.”

Elephant Country Homestay was my medium. Maybe it can be yours. Or not.

Say hi to the blue lounge chair for me.

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