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The answer to life’s eternal question.

This article stemmed from a question that I didn’t have an answer for. A long time ago, I thought I did. Now, not so much.

I asked, “How do you define love?”

I asked this to a friend. After a lot of discussion and a lot of sweet sweet coffee, she asked for my response. Written at the request of said friend, here’s my answer.

I used to think that when you’re in love with someone, you would do anything for them. If they asked you to meet them in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a shovel at 3 in the morning, you’d dig no questions asked. If they told you they’re moving to cold depths of icelandic oblivion that is Antarctica for work, you’d pack your jacket and scarf. Hell, you’d even sit in a motion sickness inducing bus with seats too tiny for your long legs for 9 hours just to surprise them on their birthday. Oddly specific but moving on.

With that love,

you would get,

tummy aches from laughter,

butterflies from kisses,

tears from arguments,

smiles from selfies,

frowns from goodbyes.

With that love, you became Superman. But with that love, you also had your kryptonite.

All of that is what I thought love was. Love is complicated no? Life’s eternal question after all. So, how do I define love now?

Well, I could say love is




a crock of shit,















and just so much more.

For you, my patient reader, it could be some of this, all of this or none of this.

Trying to grasp love is inherently paradoxical. The more you think you get it, the more dumbfounded you get! So I say fuck it. Fuck it to kingdom come.

So I ask again, “How do I define love?”

I define love as what will be, will be. Or in other words, que sera sera.

Damn simple no? WAIT! Not THE END just yet.

The thing is, I also sorta disagree with everything I just wrote. Yes, everything.

Just hear me out.

You see, there is a song that I think comes close to achieving the monumental task of defining love with graceful simplicity. You hear it and think, “Fuck man, I know that feeling”.

It’s a classic that you must’ve heard at some point or the other.

So I ask that you lend me your ears for the next couple of minutes, and feel that feeling once again.

With the help of my very talented friend Amrapali Shindhe, I now present to you a cover of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers. Enjoy:


A huge thank you to my friend Amrapali. Check out her music and more here:

Thank you to my friend Sai for asking me to pen down my thoughts on this topic.

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