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A sort of story review of a watch.

In order to talk about this watch, I must first start with the story of another. You know how super old people wear those loose gold watches, almost bangle like, on their wrists? Well, I got one of those watches for my Grandpa. He’s a proper tamil man, retired electrical engineer, pride and joy of his village and all that. The only thing more common than the first undone button on his Ramraj shirt was his trusty gold watch. This watch has seen me go through diapers, puberty, weight loss, weight gain, love loss and more. But it was starting to show its figurative greys. It was time to put it in an old age home.

So I got him a classic gold Titan watch with a stellar dial and an attention to detail that was well, stellar. But the watch strap had to be adjusted, no more watch bangles for my Grandpa. Lucky for me, I knew a guy down the road. Unlucky for me, the guru of gold watches was closed. I had two choices. Either I go back home and come back later or, the more fun choice, I journey through the streets of Bombay with the spirit of discovery coursing through my now active sweat glands.

Thirty minutes later, with my sun kissed sight, I spot a tiny speck of a shop. A watch shop.

I approach the watch-man (horologist), watch in hand. He takes the watch and goes to town trying to adjust it. Imperative word being ‘try’. For you see, Titan created the most rigid strap links known to all of mankind. So as the links of Odin were being hammered away, I stared away at the watches on display. And what do I spot with my sparkly eyes?

This beauty.

I present to you the quartz powered ‘Plazma’ brand wristwatch. Fondly called ‘The Green Goblin’, this gem of a timepiece has a fluorescent green dial with a 34 mm dial size. On this dial, we can see retro hour markers along with an additional ring of markers kissing the edge of the case. This is further contrasted by its gold hands. To which I must say, is oddly appealing. To complete this balance, printed on the dial is the retro style brand name and watch operation. Housing this entire moving masterpiece is a humble silver plated case with slightly protruding strap hands.

That was a mouthful to type. But what can I say? It left me speechless when I first saw it. It had a shitty steel strap that did no justice to it whatsoever. Which I promptly changed to the olive strap that you see now. That is, after buying it for Rs 220. This gem was Rs 220. I was stunned. I felt like an IPL bidder discovering his next Sachin in the making. Then again, I’m a sucker for all kinds of watches. In all sorts of places.

Since this is a sort of story review, let’s wrap it up shall we? I got my Grandpa’s watch strap adjusted and it fit him perfect when I gifted it to him later. He quite loved it. As for this watch, I found it because of that watch and I quite love it. It makes me smile in a way that no other watch in my collection can. It’s funny how we discover wonderful things in places we least expect.

I give it Priceless out of 5 stars.

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