June 24, 2015

It’s odd how humans behave at times. Human are social by nature. At least they used to be. Then technology came into play which in turn made us anti-social.


Technology allows us to connect to people yet it seems that the solitude that we wish to forget seems to bleed through into our interactions online. We are more alone than ever. The screen may show us faces but to be with that face in person is a whole other feeling.


To put it simply, it’s just an image, more so an illusion that tricks us into thinking we are socializing when in reality you’re just talking or typing to a screen.


How can two total strangers sitting centimeters apart not even talk to each other let alone look at one another?


Our inherent ability to socialize screams at us to talk to the stranger. Curiosity biting at your toes. Yet, we ignore all these urges, we divert them to something more mundane like cellphones. Cutting off any chances that you’d otherwise have had to interact with them.


Technology has its place. It has its perks and it has its uses. But the convenience that comes from it, to put it lightly, slaughters the notion, hell the very idea of even looking away from your screen to face another soul. It’s a shame really. At the loss of potential for so much more.

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