November 19, 2015


Let it breathe evanescence into our tethers that yields our will.

Halt not for there will be no rebels that will be on our path to destruction.

Embroiled in the dark depths of our cranium.

Festering to the brim.

Oozing till it runs out.


Jump into the ooze and you will be reborn anew, into a creature of emptiness.

Living in purgatory where no one can hear the outcries of those souls that jumped in before you.

Fools lost in their greed, blinded by it even. So there is no rest for these chaps.

Rightfully so.


Squandering their intelligence and sinking to pettiness.

If only they could feel remorse.

They won’t but it’s alright.

Let them rest on their laurels and close their eyes when the rays of clarity shine bright at them.


Right at daybreak

I know for a matter of fact,

They haven’t felt those rays in millennia.

Nor do they thirst for it.


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