September 19, 2015


Hardship is endured by all, be it in moments of desperation, depression, deprecation or deviation.


We face the harshness the world has to offer, like a mountain, standing solid since its conception; bearing the emotionless tolls of nature.


What choice do we have?


It’s an inevitability that leads to only one place on the emotional spectrum. Acceptance. Accept what you cannot and deny what you can.


There may be an ounce of clarity that makes us calm. Thinking of hardship frequently will cause sorrow outright.


Lest we fight our human tendencies and accept the notions of dread with a smile brighter than the stars, why stop there?


Our soul is the Sun and our heart is the Earth.


The planets that orbit with Earth are but our emotions, constantly following their respective paths, never colliding with each other to ensure synchronization of the Universe.


Accept or deny hardship but don’t forget that we all have it.

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